Reach new customers and simplify your sales

Bundle connects building material manufacturers and distributors with builders in one platform, powered by our digital sales and order management tools.

your digital sales engine

Bundle complements your existing sales channels to help you better serve existing customers and unlock new ones.

Digital Storefronts

Generate your digital storefront in seconds after integrating your catalog. Customers can access your store through a direct link or through our purchasing platform.

Pricing Flexibility

We understand pricing can vary based on who’s buying and how much they’re buying. That’s why you can set custom pricing rules for different products and customers on Bundle.

Sell where you want

Set custom delivery profiles to control where your products will be sold. Whether you’re a local or national supplier, you can set your own geographic boundaries.

Built-in Marketing

Instant access to Bundle’s network of buyers. Your products are recommended in searches and storefronts when builders put together their purchasing lists.

on-time payments

Secure, on-time payments for every order. We take care of all payment processing and pay you directly.

Order Management

Manage all of your orders in one place. View invoices, update delivery statuses, and track order progress so your team is always on top of the next delivery.

simple and easy to use

Bundle streamlines your sales process, significantly reducing the time and money you spend on marketing your products and processing orders.

The process is easy!


Integrate your product catalog

Send us your product catalog and we’re happy to integrate it into our system for you. Then set up your pricing and delivery profiles before publishing your product listings on Bundle.


Product sales through bundle

New or existing customers on Bundle can view and purchase your products for their projects. They’ll have access to your storefront and can message you directly if they have any questions.


manage and track your orders

Receive alerts and notifications every time you get a new order. You can view customer details and delivery information so you have all the info you need to successfully fulfill the order.

You May be Wondering...

We know that materials sales and procurement is incredibly complicated. Our team is always here to answer your questions and support you on every sale.

Get started by booking a demo with our team! We’re eager to show you our seller tools can improve your sales after getting your product catalog integrated into our system.

With new customers that discover your products on Bundle, we’ll charge a small percentage of each transaction as commission.

After an order comes through, you’ll be able to view customer and order details so that you can deliver your products to the right place at the right time. You can update the order status every step of the way and notify the customer if there are any delays.

Bundle will pay you directly for every order. We’ll pay you within 30 days of the order, but payment for certain products with longer lead times may vary. Speak to us today to learn more!

Ready to partner with Bundle?

We’re excited to learn about your products and show you how to sell easier with Bundle.